Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Wonderland!

Say what?!?
Yes, indeed, winter came before we could all go bananas over spring and summer...
As if it wanted to really rub it in and just show "who's the man" it brought on the coldest winter in our country for about 40 years... And this is a cold northern country, mind you!
So thanks dear winter-gods, for now we will appreciate spring even more when it comes!

As long as winter brings all these gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, I'm fine with it!

And snow! We love snow!!

I did pass on cocktails in the deckchair, this Saturday!!

Snow jogging.
Funkie and I went jogging in the snow and it was the first time we went jogging in so many degrees below zero that it actually was. It was like "hey, this is unbelievably freezing, should we turn back? should we walk instead? NO, we will jog
 - and jog we did.
Darn it, it bit the cheeks hard and boy did it feel good afterwards?!!

The Boy finally got to use the sled! It had been a looooooong time coming....

You see what kind of an invigorating day this was? Saturday bliss isn't overstating it!

Since the hubs is something of a outdoor-fobic, he dislikes being lured out... 
He likes it when he is out though and will joke about it!

Snow, fun, sled and sun!

We greeted the fab Saturday and had no objections to what it had in store for us.

Full of action and liberating fun!

Walking on sunshine!

I've always had a passionate relationship with snow.

Yes! Finally snow angels :-)

Good fun!

Mini vaca, for sure!

F. u. n!

Loving the day!

Loving the love.

Be still, my motherly heart.

I loved the Saturday.

I even caught (well caught, I don't know but almost) this eagle that we have so many of around here.

Yes, there you have it: a glorious Saturday that offered and delivered over easy times.
We happened to be so tuned in that we could grab it, which I'm thankful for! Things like sledding makes the weekend seem like a new world and that makes the time seem like vacation. And vacation is being needed.

Not many things grow in the snow but love does. My heart is a little bit bigger this Wednesday than it was Friday, so thanks again winter-gods for the gift of snow!

Have yourself a merry little Wednesday!

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  1. Fun in the snow... Can't beat it right? Even hubs looked like he was enjoying... Despite the middle finger, hahahaaaaa...
    Snow and ice not yet disappeared in UK... Forecast more to come. :-)
    I've fallen twice already this winter... Trying hard not to hurt myself some more.
    Enjoy your Wednesday Hun.
    Jennie. X