Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday stream of... instagrams!

I'm so happy and relieved it's finally Friday and here I am: Friday evening with son, dog, husband wine, food and cosiness non stop.
It is good. It is so good!

I got some instagrams for ya:

So, snow finally showed?! Time to celebrate :-)

Yi haa!!

And we keep it up with the tulips...

I got envious by a blog friend's recent NY-trip and had to make
an imaginary trip there to just soak up the feelin'...

Yeah - hell yeah, I put Run DMC/Aerosmith on and cleaned 
the Saturday away :-D

Setting the table - oh sweet joy!

Ready steady go!

The grandparents are shown the good stuff!

And I recived a belated - and fab - birthday gift from my in-laws...
(yes, yihaa!)

Oh, sweet heaven!

My husband bought these for a job project...

He LOVES a good debate.

He loves a good snut with his snutting blanket!

Going to work, loving the scenery oh, so much.

Picking my boy up at dawn.

The Boy poses with daddy's new photo lamp.

The train roof reminds of a disco. And how I wish, sometimes, 
that it was...

My hometown - I'm in love.

Seriously in love.

Yeah, the weeks contain more and more of playing. To the boy's delight!

After Tuesday snuggle we both go to sleep. What a joy!

Icy cold days.

And late walks home from the train.

The "Russian cold" came for a visit and the tabloids had a blast
in determining the snow storms...

Never missing an opportunity to snuggle with the husband.

Russian cold is here...

Bringing gorgeous mornings, of course.

Gorgeous times. As gorgeous as cold...

Sitting here, waiting on a co-worker, freezing the famous *ss off!

Lunch at a place where time stood still.

Back home and hubs picked me up <3

And with that, actually, I bid farewell and have a truly wonderful weekend.
I feel my weekend has promise in that sense that absolutely nothing is booked or planned. It is there for the taking and knowing that a Saturday breakfast awaits, maybe a bath, maybe coffee and chocolate...? Heck, I need little else!

Take care and be careful out there - the "Russian cold" is with us and it kids us not!

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