Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Learning to whistle

Today The Boy learned how to whistle - like nothing to it. All of a sudden - after months, years of trying - he just upped and whistled. Boy was he pleased!

Another cute little thing by The Boy is this conversation:
(Mama) - Oh, it actually IS a cute little, house, a cute little garden and a cute little life we have!
(The Boy) - But our life is big. Huge!!!

Bless his big (!) heart, for he's totally right.


On another note.... thank God for the blessed spring-weekend. Since than a world of happenings has occurred, work wise, for hubs and I and none are good.

Today I count my blessings and leave you with more totally wonderful shots from a gorgeous weekend.
For all is well that ends well, right?
(hope so)

For now, I focus on making it 'til Friday evening.
I wish you a good Wednesday - I'm adamant in trying to make it OK.

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