Saturday, December 28, 2013

Aiming forward

This autumn has been like no other, for me. I've had worse - don't get me wrong, but I've never had as intense work wise.
I've also had to stand up for what I believe in a close relationship and those two facts together meant no blogging of any kind, in any ole blog...

Today is my last day as a 42 year old woman, tomorrow I'll be 43.
Since my birthday occurs when the year only has two more days to offer, I often both sum up and gaze forward. What was this year as 42 like? What will the year as 43 be like?

Spontaneously I'd say the year as 42 was the best year of my life, by far. And without wanting to provoce any forces, I predict 43 will be even better. The older I get, the more I chersich the moments and the days and what's more: the people I truly love. Away with the people and the situations that bring me down and welcome the ones that don't. This year as a 42 year old would be the year when I did just that!
As so often, I guess it's a good thing I didn't know it would happen when I drew my first 42-year-old-breath a little less than a year ago. It is so often like that in life: had you known what would happen you would probably have tried to avoid it or change it but after it is a fact you know it was right and that you grew. Again. More.

So, ending a few flawed things and getting out of a few disharmonic places, were good measures.
Investing all of my creativity and energy into my marriage, was another one. To actively plan dates, choose topics of conversation that interest us and to actively send each other photos via sms and sweet kisses over the phone daily has changed not only our relationship but my life. To clean up in the mind and focusing on this: marriage/love, parenting, exercising and working - nothing more - no scattered emotions or divided commitment is the trick. Realizing this is the hard part, the rest is pure joy!
And boy, does it work! I long for the husband at the end of the day and I cherish the weekends like they were actual diamonds of time.
As a bonus effect I like myself better and get to watch myself as from outside of myself. I take a look at what I want to be like and then I start being that. It makes us both happy and that happiness is contagious.

So, the me that was 42 managed some crisis both at work and in close relationships and also drove my marriage (or my 100% of it) from good to grand and hence my life from great to fabulous.
Well done me!

For the upcoming year (it's only 12 months, seems so short) as a 43 year old woman I aim for even more passion, I love passion in life, and I aim to get my exercise into more focus than the autumn's injuries and work schedule could allow for. That's it! Get my body into that shape I've decided on a year ago and have come a long way towards and then increasing the passion further by making myself into the absolut best wife I can possibly be.
I can't wait!

Love that man.

The 42 year old got the bad-ass haircut she wanted.
Thank you Jada, for providing divine inspiration!

After the long autumn with crazy work weeks, the one
thing I could do on vaca day 1 was lying on the floor...

The joy of giving my firstborn a legacy x-mas gift!

The joy of spending precious quality time with them!
Yes, I'm a firm believer of quality time - no matter what the hype says.
(the 42,5 year also don't give a crap what anyone else thinks about her sh*t!!)

Husband and wife got good at playing, appreciating each other.

Those darn Runner's knees won't stop me.

Take a good look, in five hours the 42 year old is history!!

Have a great evening/morning out there <3


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