Monday, September 17, 2012

I've been ill....

A last, very delayed batch. This time instagrams from Venice...
Well, bare with me please!

I've been ill over and over again and I am sooooooooo behind at work.
Better times will appear here - it's a promise ;-D

Leaving our country, this fog was breathtaking!

The bridge leading from our country to the next country...

See that very bridge, from above?!

At Aeroporto San Marco <3

After a minute by the Venezian airport, waiting for the water bus - Vaporetto - I knew it:
I love this!

Vaporetto ride!!

Shock waves of love, infatuation, magic and peace - all at once..!

(and there I go crying again, just seeing this photo!!)

Hubs and I in a gondola :-)

This smile is no fake: one of my top three spots in this world, 
is Piazza San Marco <3 and here I sit at Caffe Florian....

Chewing on good stuff...!

And the night fell upon us.

The magic of this evening!!!

Me, I could have been sitting there all night long...

Lido Beach!

<3 <3 <3

Well, a boy at San Marco!

(yeah, San Marco AGAIN!)

Lunch in Murano.

It's safe to say that this time was the happiest since NY with my firstborn, two years ago.
And that was the luckiest ever!

Never ever wanting to go back home...

And then, coming home, The Boy was this happy to go to soccer practice <3

It's a Monday evening here and I solemnly swear to be back before the week is over :-)
Have a grand week!


  1. Wow, loved my mini break browsing your blog. I feel inspired and refreshed. Roberta.
    PS great pics

  2. Roberta: thank you ever so much :-) <3