Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Orvik, better late than never!

Before we left for Venice, we had some glorious days with my parents-in-law in beautiful Orvik.
We had some good fun, good conversations and tasty foods....!

Days in paradise!

The best breakfast view!

Booking tickets for a fun ride later!


Almost Venice-looking!

Marcus and his parents. Good times together.

Really summery.

Very good for the soul. Quiet and calm <3

My process of reinventing myself already started here and got full blown in Venice: I know how I want to feel! I want to feel peaceful, happy and easy. And I will. I'll make sure I will.

Quite quaint!

Some outings seemed too hot and too boring, to The Boy...

Throwing stones always cheers up, however!!

Mother and son, eh?!! ;-)

Soon off for a very nice adventure!

Scary sh*t!

The Pirate Adventure contained journalists from both two local papers!

Hubs liked feeling like Tom Cruise for an afternoon...!

Jolly Roger coming right up..!

Since this was before the week of the vaporettos, we were really hungry for boat rides and loved it!

Pirate Island.

Very enjoyable island. An island you walked around in approx five minutes.

Three years ago a  TV-star in this country was here (Ernst Kirchsteiger) to help renovate the island's houses and lift the functions a notch or two. It came out very well!

Gorgeous places to recuperate, as I very well needed.

Exciting time!!

Since I absolutely LOVE Ernst K (as most females in our country do!) 
I especially appreciated seeing his work, enjoying it.

The bird life was awesome here.

The treasure hunt kept on...

The journalists got some good shots and interviews!

Hot dogs and cookies for all, afterwards. My boy treasure hunted very well and hurried to pick a "silver" ring for me that he chose especially for me. My heart nearly burst with love <3

Yes, we sure did have a spectacular summer!

Soul warmer!

The next day he could read about himself in the paper. 
He was in three photos and quoted in a yellow square :-) He was thrilled!

Being back to work and thus having put this summer's vacation behind me I can sum a good summer took place. The best thing about my five weeks off was that I found some new insights and hit emotions I never felt before. To use worn clich├ęs I reconnected with me and landed in a place where I "just was", for the first time in years or even for the first time ever.
What's extra good is that I decided (sitting at Caffe Florian in Venice) that I would hold on to that emotion, that it would be my starting point every day - and it has been! I've managed. I feel like a new and imporoved me.
I feel better, my life feels lighter and my marriage feels exciting and rewarding.

I'm really happy. 

I hope your days are good and that this post finds you in a enjoyable mood.
Love, A

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