Thursday, August 23, 2012

Venice adventure continues!


Day three we went up extra early to see the mosaics shimmering in the rising sun's light. Bonus effect was getting to see Venice almost emptied from tourists! Only sweepers were there and some joggers and more enthusiastic photographers, capturing the morning glow.

We then went on to the Lido Beach and took the opportunity to four cycle around island Lido and laughed out loud many times, feeling lite utter fools on the hard old bike :-)
Back "home" to Venice-Venice after, we headed out for the one more costly dinner, we had decided on treating ourselves to.
We ended with Grappa and seeing Piazza San Marco in night glow!
So from silent, light, empty morning at San Marco we went all the way to night time there in darkness, noise, crowd and heat. Yes, and passion. For you feel it all the time in Venice: passion for love, life and action.

Early morning, rays reaching the tops of the houses.

 Sweeping going on outside San Moisé Church.

Gorgeous morning light, so refreshing and cool.

See the mosaics shimmering? Fantastic, I think. 

A little early even for the eager pigeons!  

This building, the facade - I can never get enough of it! 


New shadows.

The photos certainly speak for themselves. 

Venice, for ya! 

Even if the guys in the family were reluctant to get up early, 
they appreciated being up and there and then!

I was the only one photographing The Bridge of Sighs at this hour. Amazing!!

Walking early was indeed fabulous.

I bet running was too!

Famous view!

Hello there! Yours Truly, here :-) 

It was exactly as wonderful as it looks. I took it in.
To think one can take this much in, in five days! 

Walking back to the hotel for breakfast, passing by famous Caffe Florian, 
that we had the aperitifs at, the evening before. 

More amore <3 

And even more! Love at Piazza San Marco <3 <3 <3 

It was cool this early and he felt very free, not having to cling to my hand in the hectic crowds.

More new and interesting shadows.

Off to find the vaporetto to Lido!!

Excited and ready for beach life! 

He fit under the counter precisely. 

I'm a sucker for turquoise oceans and this lagoon is as turquoise an ocean can possibly get :-)

Bye bye Venice-Venice! 

Enjoying the sea breeze tremendously!

Hello Lido! 

At Lido cars and mopeds were allowed and driving around and it was only then I realized there were no vehicles of that sort in Venice-Venice! No wonder it's so enjoyable. 

The Lido Beach. Very famous and popular among the rich in the early 1900's and a place for decadence back then. You could feel it, that the grand days had come and passed. It was a clear nostalgic feel to the buildings you could easily imagine holding lots of people from all over the world in  fashionable bathing suits from 1910, 1920 and 1930!

 Oh boy, it's warm!

FUN time!! 

Wonderful and not at all as cool as the Scandi waters...

Playing in there for hours!

Company on the path back to town. 

Gelato time! 

See that salty hair?

The fun continues...!! 


It is d*mn certain we needed ice cream after that tour! We were hot, hot, hot :-D 

Sea breezing back to Venice-Venice! 


You gotta gotta love it <3 

Changing clothes and heading out! 

My starter. 

Very excited, hopeful and happy. 

My main course was swordfish, which is a speciality there and it was sooooo goooooood!!!

Marcus was more than satisfied with his bass. 

I can testify to this fact: it is a pleased smile you see here ;-) 

A french couple offered to take our pic. 

And with the flash too! 

It is hard to capture the magic I felt. If I say I feel happy tears gathering when I look at the pics, 
I might be on to something...

It was pure magic and a perfect feeling. I do not exaggerate - that's what I experienced. 
I am so thankful for that. 

Walking back. Passing that store...! 

Piazza San Marco late.

A favorite, among the window displays, that kept making me smile. So I snapped one of it!

And that, folks, sums the third day up. ALL good!

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