Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Astrid Lindgren World

:-) :-) :-)
Now, talk about having a good time!

Marcus getting to buy CANDY!

Errr, hrm...! 

Cute friends. 

We always know we're gonna have a grand time together. Good acquaintances that turned to friends, that turned into great and genuine friends. No better thing! 

Getting entertained...

Scary reinactments. 

This is pretty much what this visit looked like :-) 

1) Marcus darn sure he'll strike the cans down.... 

2) Giving it his best shot.

3) Well, not succeeding the first time around. Cope-able. 

Laughing about that fact!

Robert giving it a go. Marcus laughing in the background...

4) Fresh start... 
This time he didn't even hit the small house - he missed the entire building. Our friends laughing hard about it, in the background :-D

We're holiday:ing! 

They're holiday:ing... 

 Look at these campers!!

- And these! 

Out in the rain for over an hour, throwing balls all over the place....!! 

Loving the gorgeous light BBQ-evenings, like nothing else.

And day two:

The eager pups...

 My hubs trying to fit in a tiny outdoor toilet...

My friend having a lot of fun, capturing her husband almost managing! 

Cute <3 

Hard having to rest on these.... hard wagons.

Overall: fun times!

It was time to claim places for the Pippi Longstocking-show and getting in line over an hour in advance was a must. Then wild rain arrived... 

Folks fled for cover. Even our friends did...

But we - the brave ones - stayed put. Claiming those very seats, under our new plastic covers!!!! ;-) About an hour we sat there, like this. The only ones.

You know when everything is just good, fun, sweet and enjoyable? This was. The entire time,
I love having these memories.

Not so crazy about this memory though... :-)

 Marcus never made it on the high clumps but I did. 
The evidence is gone however, so I can't prove it!!

They're busy talking to their grown up siblings here <3 
Jenny and Alexander were present in that way.

Fabulous times. And the memories are so fond.

Good thing my vaca isn't over yet - I'm ready for some more good times. I'm also ready for - and enjoying - calm moments that I really feel I need.

Hoping all is well with you out there? I hope to be able to make a rare visit around the blog world, also, this vaca!!!

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