Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My mother-in-law's garden!

My parents-in-law live in what must be categorized as a paradise!
Here I've tried to capture in pictures, what their house and garden looks like. I've collected shots from different angles and I must say that I'm in awe!

"Our" little summer house, the guest house at their place. It's cosy and calm and wonderful to stay at! 

Their nice house, seen from the guest house. 

We love the little guest house <3

My mother-in-law plans and plants and my father-in-law builds. 

The idyll, eh?! 

Two small bridges are being built over a large pond and small stream 
leading from the guest house to the pond. 

The back of the guest house. 

Marcus and his father. 

My father-in-law explains future plans. 

I LOVE this place. Small wonder, eh?!! 

My mother-in-law brings coffee and home baked biscuits. 

Water side of their house. 

The houses. I have my back towards the ocean.

The guest house to the right and the ocean to the left. 

The times here are always relaxing and enjoyable. It is always with some regret I leave.

He loves it here.

Last day. My father-in-law had made this pie! 

There it is. Bye bye gorgeous garden!

Now, this was just the garden-part of our visit there, come Thursday come more stories of what we did. We had a great fab time!!!!

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