Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last day...


All good things must come to an end. But I don't see it that way!
1. I will go back soon!
2. I keep the Venice-mood in my heart and life, alive, since day one there!!

The Boy was TIRED by now.... <3 

I discovered a narrow tower in our hood, this day, that I had never seen before! 
Wow, kinda... 

My boy not acting as the sign appointed: carefully and in good manner, 
considering that it is a catholic church..... ;-) 

The Campanile with clouds behind it. I didn't have such a shot, had to have one. 

Piazza San Marco was The Place - of all magical places there - that made The Very Most Intense impression on me. 

This visit to Venice was a defining moment in my life. I cry every time I see the photos and blog about it. Happy, insightful tears :-) 

Feeding pigeons at Piazza San Marco? 
Get outta here, this must be a dream?!!!!! 

Hubs was brave. Feeding from the hand! 

The Boy liked feeding them and watching them!

This woman snapped pics of our boy and also wanted to snap one of them together. 
Don't know why but I like to think she thought he was cute! 

'Cuz, you know...

I decide to get brave too and start feeding from the hand. 

Uh-oh, I got bit instantly, of course!! 

.... he IS kinda cute <3

And then a bird seed-carrying family showed and the pigeons got all worked up!!! 

They abondoned us, for sure ;-) 

That family's daughter got a lot of attention. 

More than she was comfortable with... 

Moving on to The Doge's Palace. 

Waiting to be let in, enjoying the beauty that's present everywhere! 

The Doges used to live well and large, that's for sure. Even though some of them, 
apparently, felt captured in a golden cage. 

The Boy was fascinated by an old gondola. 

On the other side of those gorgeous windows one sees from the vaporetto. 
Powerful feeling! 

From above. 

Pure gold in the ceilings.

Good day for learning and being together having fun! 

A favorite view! A little bit from above. 

We saw a restaurant we didn't know of, from up there. On the bucket list for next time in Venice! 

Murano glass chandelier. 

Homes with terraces up there! Cute. 

The Bridge of Sighs from an other angle. 

INSIDE The Bridge of Sighs.

Photographing from inside The Bridge of Sighs! 

The prison cells that carried prisoners up until 1921. These are their writings on the walls. 

Looking in to cells, that probably were impossible to break out of. 

Photographing out of the Bridge of Sighs, seeing the folks gazing to the bridge. 

Defining moments, for me. 

One can easily imagine the sighs, going from court, via the bridge, to the prion cells.

Seeking shadow. 

Finding coolers.

iPad:ing after lunch. Last lunch there. 

Buying more Granita! 


Dogs everywhere, happy dogs!

Loving the mystical past of Venice <3 

The proud Venetian flag. 

Last Granita for this time. 

And again I take it in as much as I can, feeling that something in me changes right then and there.

Everytime I said "This is the last Garnita",  "The last lunch" or "The last day here" My Boy quickly replied: "For this time, yes"!

Marcus double checking  the vaporetto time table, for the ride to the airport.

Me? Swollowing some tears, embracing sun, ocean and the feeling I have. 

Walking back to the hotel. To grab the bags.

Taking some time to walk barefoot, relaxing. 

Opera singing gliding by on a gondola. 

Walking to the vaporetto. 

Yeah, I done told ya' - it's to die for!!!! 

Bye bye, heart-opener! 

Sunset in Venice - few things could be more grand. 

Waves, sunset, Venice and so much love. 

I captured some perfection. 

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