Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vacation mode!

All of a sudden it arrived: vacation mode!
We went pool:ing, we went out to eat, we saw the sun and we were off duty.
Just like that and it felt GOOD!!

The Boy made a play date with a friend at this pool, so we went!

He had a true blast!

They played on end...

Hubs and I got to go on an adventure just the two of us, 
since The Boy followed his friend's family to their house, after bathing.

It was a date afternoon!

Realizing taking photos is fun again, made me really think about why it hadn't been fun, for months...

Looking at the old water tower and the new water towers, in the distance, 
that our house is right between...

My precious husband.

Summer in our country.

Sometimes I marvel that most of us, here, make the effort to cosy everything up, 
around summer - since it stays for such a short time.

Time for just us?! We grab some grilled salmon...!


I adore sheep <3

The sheep shaking their heads at the humans idiocrazy...

I need nothing, nothing, nothing else than these parts, to feel happy, to collect myself.

This crow was on the look out, taking very cute steps.

Oh my goodness, the heavenly taste!
Wishing I could pass it on.

It was a good afternoon, getting us all prepared for other impressions, that we were about to partake in.
We went road tripping again, after these nice outings and more on those - fab - times is coming up!!

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  1. I loved reading this beautiful post! Take more photographs, they are amazing. I love all the pictures of the little boats and yachts. Hmmmm grilled salmon, yum! What camera and lens did you use for these pics. Your little man looks like he had so much fun at the pools.