Friday, August 24, 2012

Another day in paradise!


We had seen a place that seemed both interesting and fun, when we rode the vaporetto from the airport. We had figured out that it ought to have been a place called "Murano" where artists and painters and glass blowers created art.
In advance we realize that Murano is also many islands and perhaps we visited the "wrong" island in the sense that it wasn't the place we saw from the boat.

Anyhow: we had a very hot day in a Murano that seemed to decrease, just as state workers in Venice had told us. We saw glass art, abandoned glass factories and homes and gardens of Murano. We saw things we never saw before, we got to get away from the hectic crowds of Venice-Venice and we had a very good lunch in a cute little garden.

After that we kept the calmer pace up, with a visit to a park and then walking through "the ghetto" (the first ghetto in the world) which was a very calm and peaceful part of Venice.

Getting ready for a day in Murano and a park! 

Our hood! 

I coudn't resist snapping this..! 

Both umbrella and hat, for the sun. 

Aboard the vaporetto, always a pleasure! 

I must say that life seems very enjoyable in Venice <3 


Yay, time to play and time for lunch :-) 

OMG - what a huge Coke! 

Beautiful place.

Ever happy!

Now that's a balcony flower!! 

Hot day with lots of walking. 

 At the vaporetto back!

My boy <3 

And life floats on, in Venice...!

Gorgeous Venice. I'm so much in love <3 

Sweet relief with water and sea breeze!

Back in good old Venice-Venice!

 Guardia Finanza made inspections, keeping some passengers on deck, very hot waiting..!

On to the next and the guards seemes to really like driving the motor boat!! 

The Venice loving boy!

Pink, blue, white and black - my favorite color combo :-)

Not only luxury yachts - extremely large sailboats too. This ship is like nothing I've ever seen!!! 

Venice mon amour!

More time to contemplate. 

The Boy showing me stuff that caught his eye.  

Walking to the park. A lovely day. 

Powerful buildings behind me. 

Yeah, hubs loved it equally! 

A statue making a real statement.

Some kind of sun fog.

More too-hot-to-move people resting...

Gorgeous! Almost like a tiny part of Central Park, right there! 

All good! 

The first ghetto in the world. Looking nice, feeling calm and almost empty. 
Quite the oppoite to the scene three bridges away. 

Genuine Italy! 

Granita time again :-D 


Cruise ships. The lucky folks on those walked around in large groups in Venice, being showed sights and shopping. Looking like they could afford it and like they had an OK summer ;-)  

Off to somewhere else in southern Europe! 

All the cute restaurants close to the water!


I wanted to buy some old print of Venice so we entered a shop we had passed many times. 

The enthused owner had quite a collection of old prints from our country, which he absolutely wanted to show us and tell us the story behind. 

Fantastic light! 

Another gorgeous sunset. 

The last night that we were going to sleep in Venice. 
Dinner by the ocean. Pasta Genovese baby! 


Now you know why I love Venice <3 

The Boy snapping one of his mama. 

The Boy had been promised a chocolate mousse at his favorite rest aurant, 
by his favorite square, and so be it!! 

Walking back to the hotel for the very last night there. 
No, I did not want to to go back home the next day!

This may sound blurry or weird but I came to realizations in Venice. Those five days changed me forever, in some ways. I found some kind of peace and harmony that is new and I all of a sudden knew I had to change some things about my every day life.
Possibly the whole vaca - of course my whole life and self - was involved in the process but in Vanice it dawned on me: my life needs some tweakings in some areas.

Earlier during the vaca that was already apparent and I felt I saw very clearly what I did not want.
Venice halped me see and feel what I did want.

Coming home after, I've taken action already and it seems it may work out.
I know I want to feel "Venice is alive" every day. I want to feel Florian-like every Friday evening and keep that great feeling all the weekend!

I guess I'll keep you posted?!!


  1. You have managed to capture some impressive sights of Venice on your camera.

  2. Thank you ever so much, that makes me so happy to hear :-) <3