Monday, August 20, 2012

Day two!


Waking up in paradise, there's only one thing to do: head out!!

Yeah, that's were we stayed:
 right in the middle of where the really luxurious shops are :-)

But breakfast first!

The cute inner garden of the hotel.

The Boy almost fainted when he saw his favorite Saturday candy was offered for breakfast.

View from breakfast restaurant.

Outside the hotel - all cheerful!


Heavy duty, sometimes...!

Piazza San Marco <3

Yeah, we're all happy here :-)

The proud Venetian flag!

The Bridge of Sighs.

A city for lovers <3

Fresh, cold water running over drinks and fruits!!

A leaning tower.

Yes, we stepped into a tourist trap...

Reading menus at lots of restaurants.

He likes Venice!

Nice style!

Lunch in the middle of it ALL. Loving it!

Then first night we got lost, walking around for about 4 hours. We then passed a Disney Store that we promised The Boy we'd visit, 'cuz he was sooooo good walking in dark rain and thunder, being lost.
Here we're looking for that store!


We found it!

Lime ice :-)

Espresso and Torta Alle.

Famous Rialto Bridge!

On the Rialto Bridge.

I think one could say that this is "the city that almost never sleeps" ;-) Seemed that way!

We saw so many people having nice aperitifs consisting of an orange cool drink and chips. We were curious, we wanted to try it! That's when we found our other restaurant-favorite!!

Hats were a necessity here, or you'd get a headache.

Perola, it is called apparently!

Time to pause, play with new toys and chill!

Many loved dogs in this city, running free mostly <3

Another sweetheart!


Apparently this clock is famous for being very wrong, very often.

Isn't it just amazingly beautiful?

A pigeon, wondering about the humans' all crazy ideas!

Time to get on a gondol!

My boy was a bit worried, a bit excited and a huge bit concentrated!! <3

He loved it!

A romantic couple!

I loved seeing him enjoy it so.

Look at him concentrating!!


Our gondolier.

Good ride :-)

Back to Rialto.

That gorgeous Piazza San Marco!

The campanile.

The scene, there, is all set for love <3 <3 <3

Every evening the same procedure: to the hotel, change for dinner and back out in the warm evening!
Wonderful. I loved it.

The First Class Guide recommends one does not miss out on aperitifs at "Caffe Florian" on Piazza San Marco. I did not want to miss out, so we set out for that as one of the goals for the trip.

Yep, expensive menu...

This is one of the places were I was moved to tears and tried to carpe diem as much as I possibly could. I concentrated on taking it in. I was also starting to figure out how on earth I'll keep some of that feeling for my every day life. It has got to be possible somehow. 
I felt harmonic here, I felt utter happiness.


We ordered the cheapest there was and in it came - on a silver tray with complimentary nuts for The Boy and complimentary olives!!!

I don't mind telling you: Piazza San Marco is magical, it's dreamy.

And sitting at Caffe Florian, enjoying an aperitif in a tender warm evening, is something I could easily do every night all my life, without being bored. I loved it that much!

See?!! No unicorns or rainbows needed here - just the magic of San Marco.

People would dance at the piazza, to the fine musicians of Caffe Florian. Romance!

Walking on, to dinner. Looking into the windows of the shops...

These I've wanted for many years. Now I got to see the price tag too!!

Playing with a blue lighting toy we bought from one, of many, sweet boys 
that sold them everywhere there.

And so magical day number two ended. Before we left I couldn't grasp I was going there and updating this blog I can't believe we were there - it's like a dream or a fantasy. 
But when we were there it was all so apparent, so natural, so right. We loved it all, loved the heat, the sun, the ocean, the lagoon, the boat rides, the ice cream, the food, the wine, the people and the time. I carped it, I know I did.
It's just hard grasping it now.

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