Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summertime & beachtime!

The Beach!

If anyone didn't know: I love the beach. Not only in summertime, I also feel the power in fall, winter and spring. But summertime is special. To allow the beach to become a warm embrace and to let the Scandi water be a a cold wake up-call ;-)

As soon as beach weather appears, I want to head in that direction!

I'm far from the only one that loves this beach!

The Boy still finds the walk from the car (he doesn't wanna ride the bike)
to our favorite spot, a little too long and boring...

Chilly and fun!

How we love summer!!

Well hello there, gorgeous ocean - dear sweet friend of mine!

I'm quite impressed with The Boy's brave bathing. He's the bravest of this family for sure! 

Moving away, so one can.....

... throw water at daddy!! 

Loving times, mending tired hearts and souls <3 

Mama taking her second dip... 

Getting ready to swim. 

The bravery, eh!?! 

Almost always, something calls for us. This time it was: dinner guests! Coffee first. 

Watching the water scooterers. 

The lovely simplicity of a walk in the water. 

Lots going on everywhere!


Our home beach!

Bathing huts and luxury homes...

And the puppy always acting goofy!! 

There it is: a last collector for us and a then we greeted dinner guests and the day after we were off! Off for fun times with treasured friends.
More on that soon!

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  1. Lol, it does look like a fun day at the beach, perhaps the water is like Tasmanian water, always cool! It appears the boy appreciated the beach after the long (!) walk!