Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday time

You know summer is all in, around these times, 'cuz The Boy has his birthday right in the middle of summer!
Now he is a proud 7 years old and even if he still is crazy about his birthdays, being seven meant not acting so sillily crazily happy any more but instead acting calm....

B-days will always be special.

Controlled happiness is grown up-style :-)

Big bro presented a clear favorite - even if the best gift was, and I quote, "That my brother was here".

My boys are equally playful. Which is a good thing!

The Boy wished to pick strawberries at his former pre school teacher's
place - so be it!

Great fun and yummy too!

He ordered a chocolate cake and that he got. He lit up when he saw that we put seven candles in it :-)

Just a small piece of evidence: Funkie accepts Alexander's girlfriend nowadays.

He even trusts her so much, he can close his eyes for a couple of minutes, next to her!

Then they go on home and I cry. I cry and I cry and then I cry some more.
Then I'm done. I feel blue the rest of the day and I contemplate why I moved away and how times are changing. I realize we had to move and I realize I'll never be fine with it. 
I also realize - of course - that he would have moved out soon anyway.

Life is like that: nothing stays the same forever.

Watching a nice sunset helps a tiny bit.

Cosiness on the now finished deck!

It was made for chilling with coffee or wine and I sure hope we'll 
get around to that some more before fall...

My father came by the day after the b-day with some gifts.

The same controlled manner appeared once again.

Our summer days are fine.

Our summer is beautiful.

And I'm so in the middle of life, I can feel it - almost touch it.

And all we ever can is carpe diem the h*ll out of it.

Like sucking the marrow out of a cloud, in the sunset.

And clouds - like humans - get better with time.

Busy carpe diem:ing...


A big relatives-party!

Ever goofing off...

I try my best to be adamant about resting, this blessed time I have in my hands. I try to decline invites that aren't musts and I even make myself skip exercising and allow myself to eat some unhealthy things in order to go all in in vaca mode. I know I have to be adamant about it.

So, after about two weeks of vacation I started feeling a small part of my former lusts coming back: cooking and photographing. I've missed it. I even redecorated The Boy's room.
I've been worn out and I didn't even really notice it when it happened.

Blogging just now, I even feel that THAT is fun again. It has been a while, actually.
Feels good!

This is how we fly these days.

The Boy excels in carpe, by the way!

We had to get an ice cold shower for the garden, 'cuz when the sun
and the heat came - it did come hard. Hot, hot, hot!!

Summer, summer, summertime - Will Smith style - that's da shit!

Wishing you all a fab weekend!

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