Saturday, August 18, 2012

OK, let's start pushing some shots from Venice in...!!!

Life is so exciting: one evening hubs called from behind the laptop:
-Hey, Norwegian Airline has a "Super Tuesday Special" where we could get tickets to (our dream destination) Venice kind of cheap! Should I buy?

I replied something like "Yeah, why not?"

Marcus booked and we said some wows! and then kept up the busy everyday life with commuting, working, excercising, cooking, blogging, instagramming etc. I don't know about Marcus but I sort of forgot the booking or maybe - rather - couldn't believe it. It was too much like a dream.

Then summer vaca started in big style with a huge party and my firstborn coming to stay. No time to dwell on Venice. Like that it kept on. 'Til we realized we had to book a hotel and we started looking. I got a little enthused when I found a cute one quite central so we booked but yet again I sort of got distracted with guests, trips, wine, food and sleep.

Then it was like this: "in three days we're off!". Go figure. I started washing, remaining calm which of course is very very un-Anna-like indeed.

I simply couldn't comprehend I was going to Venice! It wasn't grasp-able for me. I have been longing since as long as I can remember - all my life - and I thought I would never get to see it. One of those things you dare not even dream about for real, in case it would be too painful missing out.

On the plane, in my seat, with Marcus on my left side and The Boy on my right side I got all excited. Like I couldn't wait another minute!

After take-off I was all in.

Writing this, I still am. All in. All in love with Venice. Like it is The One Spot to see before the silent passing.

Writing this I cry, for I still can not believe I was there to live it. Those five days. To die for <3


Eager two. 

Excited little one!

From the Aeroporto San Marco de Venezia you take water bus - or vaporetto - to Venice city. 
My Boy was really tired and it was really hot, so he fell asleep during the ride :-) 

The rest of us tried to get a look outside but the windows were high so you didn't see much...

I saw enough to get a hint of what I was about to behold coming days....! Wow! 

Venice! Venezia!! Damn :-D 

 Actually there's only one thing to say:
it's like walking into a dream. A very beautiful dream. ALL the time.

Finding the hotel in the small alleys was no picnic.
Or, rather, it was and it spells gelato!! (ice-cream) Venice is famous for the best ice-cream in the whole of Italy (that is world wide famous for its ice-cream).

 We're here!!

Yep, as hot as it looks!


Piazza San Marco, one of the most famous places in the world! Maybe as famous as another square I visited almost two years ago: Times' Square? As busy, as lively and as grand. I love them both <3

The Boy was in awe, looking around.

And I.... I..... I don't know. 

San Moisé church, which is right by our hotel, that was situated behind Piazza San Marco. We were quite lucky, finding a hotel near San Marco that wasn't expensive!! Hotel San Moisé.

Happy gondoliers on a sms-break!! 

Our canal and alley, by the hotel. Right outside the door.

Kicking back in the hotel room, before exploring.

Murano glass chandelier. Fine Venetian glass art.

Going out, exploring. 

Le Café was the first restaurant we tried and it was one of two favorites!

Well, now we're talking vacation :-D

Oh my, real PIZZA!!! Lovely taste.

I'd say we were worth it and we appreciated it duly. Wonderful times. 

Vivaldi rehearsals. 


A favorite spot, this whole area right here.

Il Vaporetto.

Love signs on most bridges. It surely is a city of love. 

What about this view? :-) 

Long overdue/better late than never/worth waiting for - you pick one!! 

Modern gondoliers have green iPhones!

Hot dogs (!) rest when they're tired. Wherever they are.... 

Romance in the air. And I can assure you my heart was warm all the time. Really warm and soft. 

Yachts lining up, wanting to be there, in the most beautiful place in the world.

What a first evening!

Sheer beauty. 

 Lots to see everywhere!

 This gull gets it - Scandi sucks, Venice rules for a gull... ;-)

All these restaurants seating folks so close to the edge, fence-less!!! 

<3 <3 <3

There ends the very first day, of our lives, in Venice! And what a day it was <3


  1. We were very lucky to visit and discover Venice last year! It is so pretty, so different from anywhere else I had seen! To be there was surreal....and to explain what this city is like to other people, pictures just don't do it any justice! I hope we get the chance to visit Venice again....x

  2. Wow Anna. These photos are stunning. What a holiday. What a dream. I need to come back when I have more time and look again properly.