Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time rushes away!

Update ahead!
I said I was gonna post before the week is over and I will make it! Two hours to go...

Yesterday was The First Day of Fall and I will here give you my latest summer shots, from the garden. Still flowers are in bloom there but the finest hour has come and gone.
Summer is over and I, for one, think it passed way too fast. Uncannily too fast and it feels almost as if it was never even here for real.
Maybe because we had a very cold summer this year?

Roses are still in bloom.

There has been a whole lot of activity going on at all levels in the garden!

Fall lands with us just in time for us to start collecting ourselves after the summer that really did take place. As usual summer means hectic days, traveling, BBQ:ing, being outside, gardening, coffee:ing and beaching. It's tiring as much as it's fun and invigorating.
The balance of it all is that fall brings and allows sweet rest after the intense summer months.

One knows there will be lit fireplaces, stews, tea and blankets.
One knows boardgames will be played and movies seen.
Hibernation, of sorts, starts very soon.

First the grapes will grow till they're almost ripe... 

... and the hollyhocks will be in bloom so long (and tall) one almost thinks it's a joke! 

Summer brought this deck - heck, we'll miss her so so much! 

We will carpe the last diems before we go all in, in fall mode.
There are still warm sunny days to come and a few more BBQs to have.

This summer I learned big life lessons and I now live a better life. I stress less, enjoy more and although I thought it wasn't possible: I am even more present in every day.
I love this life and I'm thrilled to live it!

I see these spectacular colors, looking out my window. Gorgeous! 

Yes, 'tis the time for all those festivities to take place!! 

The darling boy leads a charmed life <3 

As I said, we're still in for quite some treats before winter is all around. And when she is, we'll be ready for her and all she brings!

So, Monday is coming right up!
This week I'll travel a little bit and get to see my firstborn. I just cannot wait!

I wish you a grand Monday and a fresh new week.
It does feel good being back to blogging :-D
See ya!


  1. hi and hello! love your gorgeous roses, ur little ones happy face painted and your fireplace!! how stunning!
    laura x

  2. Laura: thank you so much for your sweet words! You put a smile on my face :-)