Monday, October 1, 2012

The huge b-day party!!

So, The Boy finally got his birthday party! His b-day takes place in the middle of this whole country's vacation so we usually arrange the party in September.
This year he wanted to do as most class mates: have the party in the school's gymnasium...

We prepared and The Boy tried stuff out!

He was very eager.

And playful.

Great fun!!

I'll say this for parties with 13 playful, wild and crazy seven-year-olds: you will feel panic! We did, at many times, 'cuz these kiddos were running totally wild and haywire most of the time...
The Boy took a nasty fall from up high and really hurt his ear and head but still didn't want to break it up and continue at home.

We tried our best to organize games and we did BBQ hamburgers and enjoy my home baked cakes, so there were some lovely times.

And then there was the panic-times.
When they seemed like a hundred instead of 13 and when they seemed to have wings and fly around in the room....

Wild at heart.

Hubs tries to shape things up.

We sang"happy birthday to you" and The Boy rolled around!

Gift opening.

Very satisfied with really wonderful gifts!!

Burger time!!

Cake :-)

His class consists of 14 kids and they're ALL good friends. They treat each other very well and care a lot about each other. They enjoy each other's company and have FUN!!!

The Boy grabbed the camera and got a few good shots!

You get the general idea?!

Thankfully we were as happy as we were beat. And in panic...

Genuinly happy birthday boy <3

The Boy was thrilled about his party, it was a success.
During the whole party hubs and I said:
"Next year we'll do Mc Donald's", next year we won't do THIS!" We took comfort in that notion.

Walking back home from the party The Boy exclaimed:
-Next year we'll do it exactly the same way!!!!!


Have a great Tuesday, folks!

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