Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The most gorgeous fall day ever!

Saturday came with a spectacular fall day, here in the south! We had summer temperature and could sit outside - in the forest - in t-shirts!! Go figure, for sure.

I'm proud of myself this weekend: I did not exercise, not write or anything else that I "had to".
I chilled.

I slept many hours, I enjoyed the picnic and I cleaned up the garden because I felt like it. I sat in the couch a whole lot too and I know that I need my weekends to be like that: up for grabs. Not filled with must-dos...

I need it and must give it to me.

A very nice outing.

Hard to capture leaves falling.... I tried!

As you see: a beautiful day.

Svaneholm Castle, in my old hoods, where I lived from when I was 8-13 years old.

The Boy was mostly quite cheerful but a few times he got bored or tired too. Not yet though!

Hubs wearing my firstborn's old schoolbag... :-D

You lucky dog!!

Happy mama...

Learning a little something about the wildlife.

As I said: the most gorgeous fall day ever! It made me feel utterly alive being there - 
almost like walking in Central Park.

Naturally things got boring at times...

Like really boring!

A path from my childhood. This is the reason we there this blessed day:
I have always remembered walking here with my class when I was about 10 years old.
We were here a whole day with school, finding weird small animals in the waters
under theses paths... I've talked about it to hubs all these years - the memory was that clear.

Now I was finally back here! <3

Exciting for all!

A looooong walk...

Happy Tuesday y'all! Don't you just love autumn? I find it spectacular.
See you soon. Take really good care out there :-)

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