Friday, October 26, 2012

More fall for ya!

Forest Gump was so right: life is a box of chocolates and you never know which piece you'll get.
This blog contains the good pieces, heck - the great pieces and it is totally intentional!

In my life I've faced one horror that was worse than all else and three other hardships, if I somehow try to count them and if we fully understand that "one horror" can mean something that lasted, say 18 years...
I know horror and fear and therefore I know happiness and freedom too!
I know to appreciate days free from fear and I celebrate them daily.

To wake up in the morning and be in health, to have my loved ones in health and money enough to buy food - that is paradise and I wish that all those of us who wake up to days like that will celebrate it.
It is something to cherish!

More shots from our walk in the woods last weekend...

It never can be all fun and games all the time.

I think the world, our nature, is always beautiful regardless of the weather and light. 
Some days make it look more grand than others, I'll grant you that!

What a fall day!!

In our Scandi country coffee outside in late October is almost unthinkable, until this day...!

To me nature is a shoulder-lowerer. I feel the scent of soil and I feel utterly present, in an instant. It's as if the blood pressure goes down just by using your nose for a second.
Another precious creature in our family feels the same way: Funkie the dog! This outing was a dream to him and he was totally exhausted afterwards.

It's fascintating to realize that the older I get, the more it is the simple things I feel I need.
I need my exercise and jogging, I need good food and wine, I need my family and I need nature. Can I throw photography, blogging and writing in the mix too, I'm a happy woman :-)
I even feel I may be OK the way I am. Not all the time but more for each year and that is such a blessing in my life.

Picnicing in t-shirts in October!!!

Joking around!

Patterns in the dew.

-Look, I can pat him without him being scared!!!

Oh, what a joy! For all...

Enjoying for sure <3

Victorious (in a horrific outfit, since I thought I needed to dress forest:y...)! 

Simple pleasures.

Oh, how I love! I'm lucky enough to love one boy with brown curly hair and brown eyes and one boy with fair curly hair and blue eyes. They both have a smile that's to die for and the happiest eyes.

Whenever I try for a sleep-shot, he gets wound up...

All good comes to those who wait.

I went with The Boy to a school day today and so my heart is extra soft, extra warm. I feel glad leaving you with this emotion.

I dive into the weekend now!
Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!

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