Saturday, November 3, 2012

Heart warming fall!

It's a pretty still Saturday.  Loudest are the geese flying high, outside my window.

I sit on my bed, for a change, door open. The window is a little bit open too and just outside I see red leaves, still some left on the neighbor's tree.
The husband sits in the boy's room, reading, since the reading chair nowadays live in there!
The Boy plays with a friend downstairs, I hear their cute voices, and the dog bites a toy in the kitchen.
It is one of those rare days when you wish time could stand absolutely still. You're warm at heart, you feel at peace and it's all cosy.

It's a perfect Saturday!

The day we decided to take the grapes down, they looked like this!

Gorgeous! And they make a terrific home to so many spiders...

So many grapes!!! But they grew too low after builidng the terrace deck, so the huge 
plant had to be cut down... We'll see what way we'll steer it next season.

Yesterday was a perfect Friday: I had a day off, The Boy and I spent a second day together and I read scary ghost stories to him, for hours. We both loved it! Candles lit, coffee, the dog, the grey sky - you get the picture!

The evening meant going to the countryside for a soccer-cup - ghost soccer!!
Totally crazed boys jumping around, all smiling, being ecstatic for all the FUN! And did they win?!! Every game. Music played loud for each goal, the kiddos hugging in such happiness and mama sitting there feeling that this is it. I can't get any happier. 
Warm inside.

When the first frost decided to show, it surprised with its beauty, like every year <3

See that cute yellow-chested bird?!

It's a pity they have to come off, but there it is...

I caught one falling!!

I have some brave ladies standing tall in my garden, still :-)

The entrance had to have some fall-emotion...

This gal is proud! It's November third and she's still standing!!

Good thing I oiled the deck after the frost came... erm.... But I managed!

(yeah I need to get that lense cleaned)

A bedroom wall painted in "chocolate": check!!

Oh, happy day!

Oh, silly me - still walking outside barefoot.

I've got one more wonderful story for you: 
last Friday I went with The Boy for a day in school. It was also totally amazing seeing what a typical day in his life is like. The cute class of 13 kids, the teacher being patient, experienced and really liking everyone of those kids. Reading, writing, making Halloween stuff, sewing and eating was so cosy and harmonic. A great class!
At recess I was a goal-keeper and the older boys came along but darn it if I didn't maintain the zero! My boy said afterwards that I was a mean goalkeeper - that's something!

During the day I got to see my rather big boy helping his friends with math, joking with the girl sitting opposite to him (very cute girl!) and interacting with the older kids outside. As with my old son, it all works for my small son and it is a joy to see.

He handles himself very well socially and he just enjoys himself. He has a good life.
Heart warming.

It is a heart warming autumn.

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