Thursday, November 8, 2012

... some more Instagrams for ya'!!!

Writing this, I must admit, it is Sunday. The week ahead is hectic, to say the least, since my every evening is booked and then we'll have weekend guests - nine of them - with a huge "Martin Goose"-dinner Saturday evening.
We're starting a new tradition with our dear, wonderful crew from our old hometown <3
We celebrate New Year's with them, Midsummer and now Martin Goose.
Good to have traditions and good to have such good friends coming all the way here.

Car commuting again - the luxury!

The sun through a dirty train window.

Did you see that huge moon that appeared this passed week? Wow!

I snuck off with the hubster for a quick coffee and chat last week.
Here we are, seen mirrored in a lamp!

It's impossible to contain oneself when days off are ahead!
This is me late, at work - charged :-)

First things first: The Boy needed a hair cut...!

Award after and a moment to treasure :-) <3

Like a mini vaca!!!!

Library time!

Days in our lives ;-)

Rainy and dark, are the times now.

But then there are light and sunny times too, like Saturday morning!

Tuesdays still mean Tuesday Snuggle <3

The city where I work. Looks good at night/autumn.

Autumn has its moments, for sure :-)


It's almost unbelievable that it is the month of November already. I think August was just here and I can't believe September AND October has come and gone. I can't figure it out: where time flies.
The fact that I still wore summer clothes when folks here started wearing winter jackets, says a lot I guess but it's true: I'm not up to speed this year.
So when Christmas comes knocking, I won't know what hit me, I suppose!

Love it at the gym!

And The Boy absolutely loves his soccer-cups and the awards...!

The darker six months are for me the feel-think-times of year.
Not so many things to catch the eye, more time indoors and more baths.
Things come to me most often during October-March.

Saturday was the day of the dead in our country. 
We visited two graveyards where relatives of mine lie.

We put candles both at my grandparents' and my grandfather's parents' graves.

Moments for remembering, moments for feeling.

What if I could meet with them now? What if we were adults at the same time?
What would they say if they knew we live in their very town nowadays?!!
They don't know.

Some individuals in this family cherishes a box of chocolates.
Seemed suitable at a somewhat sad grave-evening.

Some adores chocolates out of boxes....

There you have it: our autumn in a nutshell. Now there's cooking and cleaning and cleaning and cooking for me. May the festivities begin! Soon!!  PLEASE!!!!!!!

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