Monday, November 5, 2012

A bunch of Instagrams for ya!

So, the fall moves on, in its pretty high and hectic pace.
Between cycling to the train and from the train, commuting and working I get some exercising done again. Nowadays I've decided to try for four days of training a week, instead of five days. That means two jogging days and two gym days. It feels like it may work.
If something comes up on those pre-decided days that exercise is missed - I won't try to make up for it after, since that is a sure way to stress.
Easy does it, hence!

There's a time and place for everything. Resting is good <3

On very rare occasions I get to ride in the car, to work.
One must goof off on such times!

You know it: rest and glamour is a necessity. I love 'em both...

Friday morning, on my way to work. Happiness is da shit!

Sunrises - can't live without them.

Italian food, honey!

Cuteness <3

Starbucks, I'm in love!!


All those early commute-mornings. Music, relaxation and resting. 
All good.

AW with fellow library managers <3

Going with My Boy to his school. Precious, precious indeed <3


Snuggling with da husband.

A whole day with my boy <3

The heart warming autumn strikes again :-)

The Halloween-thingie at work!

Commuting in my heart <3

AW with a pretty new friend who I like a lot!

The Big Son made the orange pumpkin in the foreground, in his day. 
The Boy made the green zombie this year.

The Big Boy. What a boy he is <3 <3 <3
This way he is always here.

A quickie for you!
The new week is here and I won't se my home much Monday through Thursday 
since I have commitments every evening. 

Hope the week will be utterly kind to you <3

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