Sunday, October 14, 2012

Make no mistake: autumn's here!

I know dear sweet Kelle has a cousin who sends her leaves (it makes me smile every year) - ain't no such thing needed here, that's for sure!

I guess I'd wish such a thing was needed here, that would be kind of neat...

The Geraniums are still, naively, in bloom...

Other plants thrive in offering the most beautiful sights all year. 
There certainly is something delicate in the beauty of almost-ending.

The brave and strong ones hang in there! 

There is something comforting and secure over the autumn season. I can't point my finger at what it exactly is due to but there is something. Maybe it's as simple as the fact that the garden does no longer shout for attention and the lawn doesn't need mowing any longer? The pace slows down, that way.
I don't feel "guilty" reading in a bath or watching yet another movie, when the first one ends. Those are good things, all of the above!

I can leave in the morning thinking: tonight I'll watch that move and I'll light a fire too!
That thought can then keep me on my toes for the rest of the day, just longing for the evening to come, accompanied by a gorgeous sunset and a star lit night sky.
All good.
Autumn is all good.
Maybe that is why Kelle wants those leaves, after all?!!

Chestnuts. No autumn complete without Chestnuts.

-Why, oh why do I have to pose??? With so many heavenly scents and so little time... 

High fashion - a leaf in the beard! 

The trick is to make it stay ;-)

These mesmerized me totally with their gorgeous color and delicate look. 

It's like we're right between summer and winter right now. 

Headed for winter, for sure! 

Funkie and I couldn't resist a fall walk, Saturday. 

We're drowning in apples in this country - so many apples that environmental activists 
have started programs to save apples! 

These "wild" apples sure were nature's perfection.

Almost Everglades-looking!! 

Both Dr Jekyll AND Mr Hyde went with me...! 

I Ching and Darwin in all their glory (Collateral) - we ARE pretty small on this earth after all. 

Yes indeed: Hello gorgeous autumn sun - soooo good to see you!

Speaking of Kelle over and over again in this post sure reminds me of what kept me going when all else failed and it was her blog. It was also her photos and her precious outlook on life. I'll never regret finding her blog by chance and what a chance it was - almost eerie realizing it WAS chance and it saved me!

A new week is coming up. Have a great one, all of you out there! Monday, never a day in a week that's got as much promise as that day, eh?!
Take extra special care of your loved ones, they are not to be taken for granted.

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