Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A collection of Instagrams...

A small sample of my Instagrams from the last TWO MONTHS.... Oh boy!!!!

As my oldest son said: it may be confusing seeing old photos here but I try hard to show my favorites and do so even if time has passed.
The beauty of Instagrams are many and two great things is that you always have a camera with you and then you enhance what it is you feel in that moment, via IG. If you feel it's a cosy dark afternoon, you make it a little darker or a bright morning and so on.

The Boy's first day of school this year.

One of many walks on the commute track.

A warm and thirsty dog in September!

Staying home ill, enjoying my cutie pie <3

Spreading light and summer-feeling in our little garden!

Exercise shot, outside the gym.

Tenacious darlings, still blooming by our entrance.

Me and the old hubster, in what is a favorite: "a moment in time"!

While summer still lasted...

This outing proved to be the last summer visit to the beach.

He enjoyed that ice cream even though he threw more than half out ;-)
It was too big!

Hopefully not the last BBQ meal?!!

Autumn has many perks too!

Hubs and I celebrated 14 years together!
And I'm so happy the worst is behind us. I know that for sure.

My beloved little glass plate from Murano, which reminds me of 
wonderful Venice, each and every day.

Vaca is over - let the AWs begin :-) :-)

Beautiful autumn.

Autumn is also a time for flus and colds 
and I've already had more than my share.

Dog-snuggle late, is a good thing <3


Commuting together a lot more often - go figure!

Capturing the last of summer.

Ill. Late. Black and white.

Odinary goings-on...

"A moment in time" or:
"The calm before the storm".... ;-)

The b-day party!!!!

I have all I need in my life: I have a family I love, I have a small house, a tiny garden, a job and a car. Necessary things: check!
However I do not have my firstborn in my immediate surrounding and that is a fact of life I will always mourn. Writing this I feel the clenched up feeling in my jaw, biting to fight back a couple of tears.

I always miss him, I always long for him and the love goes through skin and bone.
Going to a bookfair I stayed with him and his girlfriend in his apartment for two nights and got to hang out with them and it was a gem of time.

Bookfair:ing. The calm day when the public isn't allowed ;-)

The lovebirds <3

Walking old hometown streets, making new memories to replace
old hurtful ones. That actually works, by the way.

Da Proud Mama!!

Love him.

My flesh, blood and heart.


Loving him too.

Sun flower-time here now. Thank you mini-suns for showing!

Almost-almost ripe...

A last popsicle at the deck? Probably!

Rain, rain, rain...

A Latte at Starbucks with hubs. I can dig that!

October 1st. Funkie sings with us when we sing "Happy Birthday to you"
to him. All fired up...!!!

Opening a gift :-)

Commuting early in the morning.

Going to a seminar at night, with a dear new friend.

Lying ill in bed with this fella <3

That concludes two months of random Instagrams. Thanks for looking and to those few (one?) of you who follow me there (I'm annalarissamaria): thanks for sweet, dear comments and likings. It's much appreciated and a huge happy part of each day for me!

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