Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's getting warmer..!

It sure is getting warmer and spring is definately here, without a doubt!
23 degrees up to 24 yesterday, here in the south, are today reduced to 12-13 so if spring did hesitate, I suspect summer will too?!
We're enjoying however and try to get into that chillful mode...!

Valborg passed by in flareful style with a happ-happ-happy boy!!

Hanging with friends by the Valborg fire.

The feeling is so special since I've visited Valborg fires every year (more or less) on the last of April.
It shouts out: springtime is here, folks!!

To hang with friends by the fire: oh, what a thrill :-)

Smoke filled the whole area...

Most of the time I'm enthused, energetic and enthusiastic. 
Come spring, comes a new level - the ecstatic one!! I feel like I can't wait. All the time. 
For what? No clue, mostly, just life. 

Mostly evening-life is what I long for. I keep loving my evenings. Evenings mean time off from work, time with family and time for relaxing in our "lounge" that I'm ever so pleased with!
I got to try out our lounge style living room on guests on Saturday and it worked like a charm!!

(now I can't wait to get rid of the sofas and lounge chairs and buy the ones I "really" want.... yeah like that's gonna happen any time soon...).

Babies like these can't put a damper on any kind of mood. Quite the opposite!

The season for mama birds having to chase off the predators, has come.

Ladybugs are welcome <3

There are some more happy folks about!

I love seeing the deck and the sky in the BBQ!

I rearranged some old furniture, at the entrance side, so hubs had to get busy dismounting 
the old table that totally blocked all vision of the only nice looking flower bed we have. 
Yes, the one that a previous owner planted :-D

Hanging with loved ones, mixed with getting texts from the firstborn, 
makes for good times! 

For these are the special times.

Look at that Rhubarb now!!!

So here we are, taking steady steps toward summer. Slow but steady.
I realise that vaca is coming up next month, the month of June. That feels surreal!

I, who never was the summer loving freak (since I for many years had bigger things to think about and didn't have time to be bothered with such small things as seasons) find myself recent years thinking I can't bare yet another winter after this summer. I don't want to!! Where should I move????

But, she's still coming up, sweet Mrs Summer.
Thank goodness.

Take care precious people out there, all around the globe! Nothing but love for you.

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