Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two off the Bucket list in a week!!

WTF you might say. And rightfully so!
Two off my personal life-Bucket list in a week??!!

It's true though.

Let me begin at the... beginning:

A loooooooong time ago, approximately six years ago (yes, a totally different life in every way) I felt I needed to get moving and exercising. I had no money, little time and a small child. What to do? I started jogging even though I loathed the idea of it.
It seemed boring, hard and not in the least exciting. I had some old shoes and worn out jogging pants and started by jogging slowly and then walking and back to jogging. This procedure started out with a 3 km route.
Slowly I upped the speed and after maybe three weeks I could skip the walking parts.
Progress felt good - I was now a person who was as jogger!

The years went on and I would go jogging every now and then. At certain months and periods I'd go regularly, at least once a week and others... well, not so often.
The initial six days a week process couldn't last after moving and having four hours of commuting daily.

Fast forwarding to year 2012 and the month of May.
I needed to find a routine. I needed to work out and I needed to loose weight gained from a hard period 2010-2011. The Boy's friend's parents praised a gym in town and I signed up. A man called Jan showed me the machines I ought to use and the crosstrainer and I went to it.

Came the month of August came a decision: I'll visit the gym three times a week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday) and I'll jog Sundays. Routine will be OK to break for work or AW and will mean no guilty conscience. It will be a way of life, so I will have the rest of my life to make routine!

Let me tell ya': this routine works!
At the same time I switched my then 20 minutes jog into a 30 minutes jog. After some months I felt I surely could double the jog and I could! By now I jogged approximately 7 km.

Fast forward until May 2013.
I decided "WTF it's time to jog those magical 10 km now!". It sure was and I did fine. It felt heavenly and such a personal achievement! Had someone told me even a year ago I would have said "I wish".

Go figure!
That's one off the Bucket List: jogging 10 km and I did Saturday.

Six days later I checked another off that Bucket: being part of a Eurovision Song Contest experience!
All my life I've followed this event. I and my maternal grandmother had it as a tradition and we would call each other to discuss it after we had seen it, when I was a child.
Friday I went with husband and last born to a dressed rehearsal semi final ESC-event and it was fantastic. Magical. We had a true blast and I'll never forget it.
If my first born and his gal would have accompanied, it would have been perfection :-)

There it is: TWO off the Bucket List in one week.
I doubt it I'll repeat that soon...?!

Other Buckets recent years were New York with my first born in 2010 and Venice in 2012.
How lucky I am!

All those mini buckets are being checked off regularly: BBQ is one!

Common BBQ sighting ;-)

She's quite cold, Mrs Summer, 8 degrees yesterday. But she's here!

The front side offers this sight, early in summer.

If computers and phones and stuff had been working with me, I would have showed you many shots and maybe even movies from the ESC-adventure. 
However, the iPhone with which I shot most photos and films deleted all my photos when trying to load them into the computer.
Hubs + iPhone + Mac is rarely a success story... I don't know why!!

Now I have only a few pics for you, from that blessed evening.
I'll show some Instgrams also :-)

(even that turned out a lie - because Instagram won't let you get out the pics out of Instagram... grrr.......)


Me. Waiting for the other two, outside the arena!

The other two!

The arena!! The camera/crew/light experience was truly awesome!

The beautiful and fun host, who also suffers from severe back pains.

Loving every single minute of it! So much fun, such a warm heart <3

Going to Emporia (new huge luxurious mall) for dinner and... posing as Loreen!


The iPad boy in iPad heaven!

The ESC nerds in ESC heaven.

Dinner after - lovely!

The train ride home.

So, here's Saturday again. Having longed for a sleep in, I was annoyed about waking up at 6 AM and getting out of bed around 7.... Ah, well! In a few hours I'll do my third jogging 10 km Saturday routine and as always I can't wait!! Chips are less tasty and wine too - 10 km jogging has topped everything for me. It's as crazy as wonderful.

Have a great one, out there. Remember your relations, and in this country: remember your mother tomorrow :-)

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  1. I am impressed because running only a 5k has been hanging out on my bucket list FOREVER. I need to get my butt moving!