Friday, July 5, 2013

How "Crockett's theme" became my theme...

It's no secret that I love "Miami Vice", the series that aired in the eighties.
I'm totally an eighties' lady and love the music, the TV-series and the movies from that time.
Just think about "Fletch", "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Police Academy", to mention a few!

This passed winter I watched the whole five seasons of "Miami Vice" during the flu and after that I purchased some of the music.
Naturally I bought "Miami Vice theme" but I also bought that typical music that used to lie in the background whenever Sonny Crockett was melancholic or sad or someone close to him died.
That particular melody is called "Crockett's theme" and I happened to listen to it regularly during spring, because I put it on my "to work"-playlist in the iPhone.

What a "to-work-playlist" means, we'll get all into another time..!

When I watched the Miami Vice-seasons during that flu, the time and the hastily pace in which it's moving, got to me and it went under the flag of that very theme - the melancholic one.
Burying myself in Miami Vice and the eighties was almost like a slap in the face, saying:
"Hey, almost 30 years has passed since this series aired, what have you done during that time and did you fulfill all your dreams?".
It was almost shocking realizing how much time had passed when it really didn't seem that way... Watching Miami Vice back then I was luckily unaware of what awaited me in a near future and I still thought I'd travel the world, work as an au-pair, get to know people from all over the globe and become a dancer and live life!
What awaited me was anything but...

Dwelling on that I got a bit moody around that flu-time and blue and for a few weeks my family and friends (even dear IG:ers!) didn't quite recognise me and I didn't recoginse myself either.
It was as if Crockett's theme got under my skin and that's how I felt for a few weird wintry spring weeks, this year.

Crockett's theme became my theme!

Then my workplace was undergoing huge reorganization work from fall to this summer and now it is all finished and the different positions filled and everybody knows where they're ending up in the new structure.
Yes, even I know where I'm going!
Well, going to and from work at that very period I was listening to "Crockett's theme" daily and that melody got stuck as organization-change-music and it has somehow come to remind me of the time when I started to get used to the idea of leaving the old organization and that job and to the new organization and the new job.
Whenever I hear that music nowadays I think - melancholically - of the period that has ended and the transition.

Crockett's theme became my theme (again)!
It sure did.

Sometimes I get all goofy about how time flies. I look at photos of favourite actors like Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson and Sean Connery and Michael Douglas, how they looked back in the day and how they look now!
It's scary, let me tell ya'... I feel I want to stop time and let them be the same forever.
Let Michael Douglas be forever 40-something like in "Romancing the stone" and Tom Cruise like in "Top Gun" and why not let Sean Connery be forever as in that very first Bond movie?!
They're all still going strong and good but I'd love to keep it as in .......... the eighties.....!

I have no recipe for handling the fact that time flies and that it sometimes feels unbearable. No other recipe than capturing each moment and live it to the fullest.

My vacation has started and I capture my moments as much as I can and I am having some really good ones, I hope you do too!

The wasp-man has arrived, finally, to get that huge wasp nest we had...

Serious business...

No summer without a strawberry shortcake!

Not really Crokett:y but, hey, I can only take so much nostalgia ;-)

The garden offers such gorgeous treasures these days <3

There she is: the vacation lady!

And summer boys :-)

Oh, I shan't leave you hanging!
Here's "Crockett's theme" in a Youtube clip:


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