Saturday, June 22, 2013

The real You

So, the Real Me starts this darn post anew, since my finger nails made a magic commando and deleted the one I wrote yesterday and I was displeased....
To say the least.

My role model post. It reached out and I got some nice comments and feedback from sweet people, which I much appreciated. And then some guys near me (maybe husband and firstborn?!) said "what?".

They had some thoughts on my chosen role models, or rather, one of them. At first I got really annoyed and started to show Youtube clips and quotes and when that didn't seem to do the trick I realized that my role models work for me. They don't need to work for anyone else. What I take away from someone's message may not be what anyone else sees or needs or understands. A phrase means one thing to me and flies right by the next person, maybe.
What I found to be deep insights ('cuz, honey I GOT it) hubs and son thought was just shallow babble.
But, see, they didn't GET it!!

I won't sweat it any more, I'll just continue to get what I need and what I feel inspired and fulfilled by.
As simple as that.

This real Me is moving towards new and extended responsabilites after summer vacation is over and I'm guessing I'll need my role models more than ever - regardless what others think!
Yes, five summer weeks stands between me and the new job and I'll enjoy the summer weeks and then I'll enjoy the new challenges that await me!

As my favourite role model says: "Do You", I will. I will try even harder (and I can assure you I've tried hard) to do Me this fall. Me is the only thing that works really well for me but in spite of that doing you can be hard sometimes.


Here the greatest Holiday and annual celebration has just passed, yesterday, and it's Midsummer.
I'll keep you posted on our wonderful day.


First: some pics from our lovely pre-summer home and a conference trip I made this passed week, in spite of having a flu. I won't recommend going to a conference while so ill, heck I even regret I did. Pain killers, coffee and resting were my tools to making the evening get-togethers that really were mandatory, I felt. I did visit some seminars but not that many. I felt too ill....

Well, here's our home and Aarhus, for ya':

Having mama leave for a work trip, is no picnic...

These do their best to make us happy. They succeed!

At the end of the rainbow there's my home and family <3

Last day of school!!! Good fun.

The Boy does not want to be captured on camera all the time..!

Love, love, love!

Arrived in Aarhus.

Monday held the big party night and having visited this conference in year 2009 I knew the danish know how to party...! They kid you not when it comes to drinking, eating and dancing :-)

Oh, there's resting for ya'!

Gorgeous city!

Hot days called for different kinds of beverages...

I opted for the double espresso.... And the painkillers.

Sheer beauty!


Varna Mansion.

Magical evening, only Marcus missing...

And the rest of the night's pics I'll spare you...!! Hahaha :-)

Our garden is pleasant these days!

Until next time - thanks for dropping by!
Next post will hold more thoughts than this one did. Hey, one can't be up for deepness all of the time, eh?!! :-D

Take great care, lovelies!

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