Friday, December 17, 2010

And even more snow!

I have got to get to show you my great snow pics!
I'm amazed by all this snow and all this snowing: it never ends. It still snows so much, that when you've shovelled it in order to get out of the house, in order to go grocery shopping, you need to shovel it again when you get back!
The dog started jumping on three legs, half way in to the walk, because of snow clumps at the paws :-)

Well, the backside aswell as the front side looks divine: picture perfect for Christmas. Below you'll see yet more photos of our winter wonderland!

Our backyard. The hop mat really ought to have been folded ahead of time but who could guess?!!

The outdoor furniture!! Doesn't look inviting or like we'll BBQ anytime soon...

The front side has to be shovelled over and over again. Good excersice!! Well, hubby is the one who does it...

The bushes are starting to give in under the heavy snow pressure. And it got worse before hubby made it better :-)

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