Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and the best day of the year!
My sons are here, the tree was decorated by the two of them. As tradition holds.
I just put the turkey in the oven and will now start making gravy (will keep it all clean and not touch anything). Rice porridge is another tradition in this country, so I'll start making it soon also.

My sons slept in the same room and got their stockings filled with gifts and the small one just simply can't wait 'til Santa gets here!! He's so excited and thrilled.

I just froze a second this morning: my sons talked by the table, my husband threw a glance at the morning newspaper, the dog was "snutting" with his blanket, Christmas music in the background.
Perfection. Total happiness.
I felt like freezing the moment for....forever. Love this wonderful life.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I will save some more moments, I'm sure, during the day...

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