Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a prelude!

Well, how's this for a prelude to Christmas: during the night two things happened that somewhat effected the day:

-a severe snow storm placed itself right above us. It's indescribable and we couldn't even open the front door!

- a stomach flu placed itself in my tummy which means no cooking (or eating) and I had had the day booked for Christmas cooking.

Because of the snow storm there were terrible delays and a eventually stuck train, that was carrying my son, coming down for Christmas. Busses were ordered, he was told, but "not confirmed"?!
To top it all off, my son's phone ran out of battery.....!!! We didn't know what happened from then on...

Thanks to Facebook I found that a colleage/friend was on that very same train. She managed to find my son (they had never met before!) and lent him her iPhone. So as we speak, my hubby has found the son and they have now embarked on a very snowy and stormy car ride home.

Can't wait to see that son of mine! Last time we spent time together, was in a warm New York. Now it's a cold and snowy little coastal town in Scandinavia ;-)

We managed to dig ourselves out. The dog still finds that "hopping" is the best option, in this weather..!

Can't see out, at all...

Our snowed-in-by-far home!

Oooops, there's the Christmas tree.... Hmmm.

Well, it sure can't possibly feel any more Christmas:sy than this. I'm so happy!!

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  1. Good to hear you located your son and will have him home soon. What a day you have had!! I can only imagine what the snow must be like - I only went for a trip to see it when I was 14! Your pics are great. I hope you all enjoy a great White Christmas.
    Rebecca x