Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday greeting from our "Moomin home"!

Our home is as cosy as ever and today we finally bought a new "sleigh" for our son, since the old one got lost in the move.  So tomorrow we'll pull him to pre school in it!

I made some more Christmas candy today and then cleaning, dishwashing, jogging and dog walking. Enjoying every second, watching tiny snow flakes falling and the little one crazily excited about it being Christmas Eve soon!!!
Good time of year, for sure.

The cosiest little street in the world: I love it and can't wait to celebrate our first Christmas here!

A friend of mine said that she thinks our house looks like the Moomin House here!

Candy. Freshly made by me. Will also be part of x-mas gifts for a few lucky recievers...!

I wish everyone a grand week!

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