Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

At first there was a little snow and I was thrilled, already! I had to remove my mittens and get some good photographs of our wonderful town.

I love this Christmas feeling, that the decorateed tree, downtown, gives and the beautifully decorated town. I'm truly a Christmas person and also have my birthday in december, so I just take it all in and LOVE it. The season's here!

The first snow was totally greeted and we couldn't wait to get out into it. Here you see my son touching the very first layer...

Christmas ornaments were found. They were still packed in a moving box but now they were relieved!

The first layer was accompanied by a second layer. We were so excited and couldn't stop fetching the camera.

The boy got into a cosy mood and picked all his animals up, to see a movie by the candles and Christmas ornaments. He had a very fun time!

Tired after a while... good thing mom had bought that soft blanket in good old New York :-)

No wonder we love this time of year: the cosiness, the calm, the candles: it all fills me with a wonderful mood and thankfulness.

And meanwhile, it just kept on snowing, snowing and snowing...

I will share more photos of our Winter Wonderland, this week. Now I have a son that needs a bath and a dog that needs a walk.
Later this evening I will enjoy to sit next to the tiny fire: I even put a sheep rug on the floor there!

I wish you a magical sunday evening and a good week!

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