Sunday, December 12, 2010

The longing

The longing, really longing, for Christmas has started!
The Boy is longing so much and as always, it reminds me of my own longing, many years ago. Days in life never passed as slowly as the ones leading up 'til Christmas Eve (which is what is celebrated here). And that day itself passed extraordinarily slowly, waiting for Santa to come walking in the garden.

My five year old son is asking a lot about Santa and the wish list. He is on the look out for Santa's helpers every day too, since that is a new tradition we've started: looking for the helpers, that are lurking about watching how we behave...!

It's a magical time and I LOVE it. I find myself feeling the absolute happiest at this time of year and I really enjoy the candles, the huge piles of snow, the music, the gingerbread cookies and the ornaments.

I love Christmas and I feel blessed and happy and priviliged, indeed.
Today we'll light candle number three...
Have a wonderful sunday!

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