Monday, December 27, 2010

Rice porridge - for lunch!

Yes, it's rice porridge time again! In this house we love it and it is as much Christmas as it can possible be. For dinner it will be left overs from the Christmas table.

I and my dog went jogging this afternoon and before that I played boardgames with my five year old. It is cosy times and tomorrow I'll be back to work again.
Tomorrow evening I will meet three girlfriends, in the city, for dinner. One flies in from Scotland and one from my previous hometown and it will be a wonderful evening. Well needed, too.

I just hope that the trains or replacement busses will work, so I can get home afterwards...

I leave you with a pic of the son, being Gingerbread man in the Lucia celebration at pre school!
Hope you'll have a truly wonderful day!

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