Monday, June 18, 2012

All things must come to an end...

There, not only is the weekend over. Last week The Boy celebrated the last day of school and a first school year, with good teachers, is over. The Boy will miss his teachers and has mourned the loss.

Both a picnic and a traditional celebration took place. I brought the camera, of course!


Very good times together with friends and parents!

The teachers. Good as gold. 

 The Boy captured his mama.

 Time for games. Everybody joined in!!

The Boy LOVES cookies <3

The entire little class. 

Giving flowers to the wonderful teacher.

Lots of love. 

I find endings and partings exceptionally hard. I dislike bidding farewell and I absolutely don't want to think I might not see someone again. So, it is out of character, really, for me to be moving about and changing jobs.
I just might have passed this on to The Boy, cause he doesn't care for these things at all, either. He doesn't want to leave his teachers and he has been really sad about it. Last year he was in chock when he realized he was to say goodbye to his pre school teachers, so this time he was  a little more prepared.
I suspect he'll do next term, as he has done this passed year: go visit the old teachers...!

 Showing mama the things he made during the year. Gorgeous things.

Gotta put some pics up on Instagram...

Traditional celebration, at church.

Here they come - the cutest kiddos ever! 

Waiting outside...

The following pics I think speak loudly that love begins with "fighting" as we have a saying here!!

He was in a terrific mood.

Stirring up some trouble...

Having fun.

Love the happy faces, love them. They make me happy!

See that look?!

We all say farewell to things all the time: seasons, phases in life, years. Time.
Right now we welcome summer, here, at the same time people on the other side of the planet say goodbye to their summer. Bid farewell.

I now have a school boy for real. Not a pre schooler. Big changes for him and for me.
Life, slowly turning, changing.

A new week stands before us. I hope you had a great weekend? I had a smashing weekend, it was like a vacation and I sucked the marrow right out of it!

Have a good Monday, friends!

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