Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, the day before Midsummer's Eve!!

Tomorrow it's Midsommer's Eve and we'll go see our dear sweet friends to celebrate.
These days are the days of no time, since I'm outside a lot and up and about some mysterious way. Oh, yeah I also train a whole lot. And work. And write....
There it is: no time left!

After the school's out-celebration we took off road tripping, in search for a lunch place.

Around these parts, at this time of year, there are ample opportunities ...

We made a mistake planning this outing, thinking we'd make it special and go away to a new place.
The Boy didn't want special or away - he wanted in town, surrounded by his friends.
Mental note for next year, hence!

 Geese sure can carpe diem a beach!

The Boy invited a neighbor to "ball jumping"!!

 Having a blast!

 Someone would give his right paw to get to join in the fun...

My boy. My love.

 Those knees keep looking like this...

If I'm not on my way, The Boy is or Marcus is or we all are...

When The Boy went to a BBQ party, hubs and I decided to capture the moment
and go out just the two of us. Dinner at a brand new restaurant, it was!

 GREAT evening!

 Getting a chance to talk like humans ;-)

Hubs decided to play with the kiddos - and play well!!!

 To his own delight...

 Tomato in the making.

Yes, the times we're having now are good and enjoyable. We so need it.
We so enjoy it.

I have to get going, time for bed, will get up in six hours....
I'll make sure to celebrate Midsummer's Eve and later share it with you.

You can see it live and direct on Instagram, I'm annalarissa.

have a wonderful weekend dearies <3

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