Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh my, the weekend swept me away!

Quite peaceful, very happy and so tasty are words that put together on a string, sums my weekend up!

The only thing, really, that interrupted all the swell-ness was the mere fact that a spider (Crosspider) lay about 1000 spider babies that hatched, right outside our living room window....
Eh, hm ... more on that in Thursday's post!

The Boy had a blast playing with his friend, Saturday.

Hubs finally, finally, finally put the trampoline together, to The Boy's delight!

I even managed quite some reading (very un-me-like) in the sun.

It seems to be yet another year of promising grapes.

Voltaire sure knew what he said when he let Candide end the story with the words something to the effect of "that's all well but let's now cultivate our garden!".
Few things in life are as stress free as getting them nails down into the soil and inhaling the gorgeous scent that is a mix of soil, flowers and cold dew.
I feel instant happiness and did allow myself this this weekend. Twice!



Yes, us Scandis are sun lovers, by definition!

Our lettuce is in its prime!

Errrm.... this stuff... Why did I take it apart...?

Boys, having a tremendous amount of fun..!

My boy sure is scary when he attacks like this.

What a day, eh?!! Who could ask for more on a Saturday?

-When are you finished?

The surest sign of them all! Summer's here, the small planes are flying around!!

Yihaa!!!! How he waited. He started asking in March and dad wanted to saw grass and dad wanted to see the grass grow and then dad was away and away again. But this Saturday: finally it was put together.

Those legs need to jump, let me tell ya'...

How weird it is: I started to kick some ass - exercise wise - some month ago, which means gym training three times a week, jogging three times and then a day of rest. Now, about a month into it, I get annoyed if I for some reason can't get my training done. I get irritable and my legs get invaded with ants....
A good thing though. No, you won't hear me complain about that! 


There, said and done, in the middle of this post I realized I had to go. Jogging. So I did. Heavenly!

Monday's here fab ladies! I was talking crazy stuff last week - it's not at all only a couple of weeks 'til vacation - I don't know where I got that crazy notion?!!! No, head on - to work. And maybe some AW and maybe The Boy has a end-of-school-celebration and yet some, this blessed week?!

Tacke care, y'all!

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