Thursday, June 7, 2012

It is a Thursday post :-o !!

Well, seems OK so far....


Today was jogging, gym-training (together with hubs which is a first!) and bicycling so now my legs, for sure, are in blog-mode...! Ouch.

The latest weekend seems far away but my red skin testifies differently...!

Prceious times are all over the place.

I love getting inspired by how other people celebrate beach times, summertime!

The Boy decided that summer-games-time is officially here!!!

I'd do anything to see that happiness in his eyes. It makes me totally happy and grateful that he almost always is. Makes me sad, that it wasn't like that for my oldest son, my greatest hero and rolemodel.

The Boy loves playing with water!!

Feeling the love for my boys, always makes me realize that I need absolutely nothing else.

I mean, how cute is this?!!

So, I kept dragging the furniture a bit further out so now we have almost a pergola,
which happens to be a dream of mine!

Totally small, totally loved.

Bicycling is da shit, as far as The Boy's concerned!

Longing for Vacation!!
It's coming up - vaca time. It's like three weeks left 'til it's time and my gosh, do I long for it and need it?!!
The last couple of days have been nightmare-nights-days and of course I know why the nightmares appeared: economic situation in my organization is tight. To say the least. I have a new recruit, we have new opening hours coming up, we're not allowed to use temps so I go in whenever someone gets ill and many in my staff have tough private situations.
Hence - nightmares!

Welcome, summer - chase 'em away, please!!


And on to some very favorite Instagrams for you:

The Boy and I in our capitol, having a blast!

If my oldest son had been there, it would have been perfect!!
But it was still good :-) 

Love his happiness!

Goofy good times.

There was a lunch going on with hubs, some time ago! 

Jogging with my four legged love.

Yours truly, off to work!


A husband <3


This boy loves his mama.

The Boy went with me to the gym, recently. What style he showed!

My bathtub guard.


Our light nights are magical, unicorn-ical...

Off to work, hitching a ride with the hubster!

We went to gym-training together yesterday and we were both thrilled 
about spending time together. It doesn't happen all that often.

Thursday is always declared "charge time" here and there is no exception this day, in life!
Even if I work a looooooong day today (illness, no temps, tight budget - you get the drill!) I will feel those butterflies flying around in my stomach, getting me all worked up about the weekend. Soon, soon...

Well, see you Monday! If you're on Instagram, I'm annalarissa - look me up. There I am every day!
Take care, y'all!


  1. ooooh the start of your pergola looks great !! So beautiful once the flowers grow right across... lovely. We enjoyed a week of really hot weather now we are covered in storm weather - it sux.
    Jennie. x

  2. I love your home & back garden, happiness is everything, and the boy radiates it. Happy weekend Anna.