Monday, June 25, 2012

Midsummer's Eve

Photos speak louder than words, so I offer you that here. Our Midsummer's Eve was very enjoyable and wonderful. The Boy had a blast all day and all night and we all just.....loved the time!

Two boys who never met before and hit it off immediately!

 Midsummer's Eve lunch....

Everybody really charged for a fun celebration. 

The kiddos enjoyed, all the time.

 Action all the time!!

 Maypole in the making...

My Boy warming my heart with his fun-loving-laugh. 

It's coming together.

Time to pick flowers for maypole and to put under the pillow, to
dream of the one you'll marry...

I admire his ability to carpe diem and enjoy intensely.

 A wonderful afternoon, picking flowers, feeling all summery!

My boy <3

The cutie pies, that are the sweetest friends.

The result!

Men, having their work cut out for them...

I and my dear friend. But I see we're feeling a bit awkward, around
lots of "new" acquaintances... 

Time to dance around the maypole! 

The weather allowed for us to have dinner inside, with a fire burning. 


A late walk, around midnight.

Beautiful surroundings!

The Midsummer's Eve was a very lovely experience and I felt so in love and so very lucky and pleased with my entire life. I knew I had ore good tame ahead of me during the long weekend and that it would end up with getting to hug my much loved son. Who can ask for more? Family, good friends and fun traditions that keeps you loving heart being warm.
I'm thankful and I'm happy we're in the middle of summer, come rain or shine. Although, it has been mostly rain so far....

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