Sunday, July 1, 2012

So belated Thursday post.....

.... well, after a weekend so invigorating there is nothing else to be said: a Monday will be sweet after such wonderfulness!
The marvelous Saturday offered, among other things, a wonderful beach visit and Funkie went with us :-)

He's interested in the water but he doesn't want to get in.... 

 I have no idea what he's on about?!!

Helping his dog to dig...


He's so happy and he has got a good little life :-)

This is absolutely why we chose this coastal town.

 This particular ocean color is a favorite of mine!

 The water is.... wet.


I'm stupidly trying to get him to go IN...!!! 

But no! 

I actually did bathe and it was not all that cold! 

 Running for a bit.

Into the water??? No freakin' way!! 

Cute as can be. 

 Would you stop trying, mommy dearest?!

Yihaa, life's good! 

 Time for contemplation.

How I love my dear dog <3 

Puppy things going on! 

Look at that face!      

Being all puppy like!! 

LOVE getting sand on them toes... 

Now, this is gooooood fun :-) 

Come on then!! 

:-) :-) 

And NOW he goes into the water?!!!!! 

 If there ever was joy, eh?!

And I love. Love, love, love! 

Whenever he gets the dog to play with him, he's very happy. 

Good times! 

And so I gave you a whole bunch of photos, again. I prefer expressing myself this way, these days, and then: so be it! I think these pics bring happiness and I feel just right bringing you that, 'cuz I'm all rolled up in happiness these days. I feel lucky and I think about that a lot - that lucky is what I am. Not eveybod is this lucky and I have not been this lucky all my life.
Heck, not even a grand actor such as Mr Cruise is lucky, like this, in spite of all the fame and fortune.
Luck and happiness you better while you have it, 'cuz it can go away any minute.

With all this happiness I wish You a good new week!
In Tasmania they are headed for lighter days and here summer is in its prime. Let's all rejoice while we can!

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  1. Happy days lucky lady! Beautiful pictures, handsome boy and such a cute dog. Whooooppeeeeee!