Sunday, July 29, 2012

This LOVE-thing...

I l o v e  my sons. LOVELOVELOVE them.
When they're both around me, and I see them interact together, it kinda moves the universe a little bit. It changes who I am.

Everything looks summery these days. Even in the rain!

The deck. I'm lovin' it :-)

We were invited to my childhood friend for BBQ. We never decline such an invitation!!

There are lots of things to be said about the art of BBQ:ing...

The Boy always is delighted by a kind dog...

This cute girl could dance and wave!

My cute friend and her husband have been together for amazing 25 years!!!

Dancing together.

The Boy got this pic late...

Fourty minutes passed midnight, The Boy was still in a good mood and we were impressed.

Waiting for the train to take us home.

I think I got a little bit better this time around, having my firstborn here for a visit. I wasn't exactly as intense and not precisely as eager to tell him this and that: updating him.
I want him to see everything, know everything and I want to rub it in - his presence.
I miss him every day, all year around and it seems I never learn to live with it, in the sense that it never goes away.
I always long, sometimes I cry. And there it is, it seems. Love functions in that way: the people we love we wanna be with, see, talk to and listen to.
Want to inhale them.

I took them to the beach, summer style this time.

Unfortunately it was windy. Stormy, almost.

The Big Boy disliked being there in the storm.

Alas, they didn't get to enjoy the sea breeze, the bathing, see the water scooterers 
and the charming beach-lifestyle, not this time either.

I like to think that they at least felt that it IS there for the taking!

The Beach Bar/Coffee Shop for sure is!

Calling it a beach visit.

All is so darn good when he's here :-D

The Boy has an un-erasable smile 24/7 when his bro is here!

Go figure!

And we're talking L O V E !!
(my heart exudes harmony)

If there's a question out there, somewhere, about the meaning of life - the question is undoubtedly: love.

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  1. fabulous post! I can feel your happiness all the way in the U.S.! Oh and I adore your deck! It looks so inviting.