Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, Welcome!

I totally blame the season: all bets are off and we go haywire, like all the time.....
The sun shows every now and then (mostly rain though) and we try to be outside as much as we can. We work out, we jog and we eat well AND I work. Still the day only has 24 hours.... Go figure!

Here are the remaining pics, of the Midsummer vaca:

Cute kiddos.

This is the summer when he turned soccer-boy!

And it's a summer of love. We feel a lot of love and definately feel a weight has been lifted.

Walking to nice sights!

Some folks look like Hollywood stars...!

Worth climbing for.

The Midsummer celebrators!

A good thing, the best thing, about going to the west part of the country is that my firstborn lives there! I adore spending time with him and if you think I laugh a lot and smile a lot normally? Enhance it by a thousand when I'm in his company!! I'm all laughter and joy then.

Outside my firstborn's house, there's a cute little park. This is right in the middle of the city, so he's very lucky with his apartment!

'The piece of art stating "here it is", is where it's at!

Do you see a proud mama or a Proud Mama?!!

I LOVE. And I'm one lucky mother-in-law, 'cuz this girl is precious!

They have the kindest cat.

Caught the opportunity to see the old folks.

My mum loves her plants. And her dogs.

Playing with kind dogs.

I just told the hubster that I really ought to write something interesting in this post. But I have nothing for you, that seems to be just that.
I have started a process of writing a novel. It is a novel that incorporates some of the hardest things that I have made it through in my life, and still it is a novel meant as entertainment. I suspect that has got something to with this fact that I have nothing to say here: I say so much there, if you know what I mean?
It's an exciting prospect, attempting to write a novel, and it has me all excited and lit up inside!

With this, I bid good night. Sleep tight, tight, tight!

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