Monday, July 23, 2012

Some instagrams, for ya'!

While I'm at it: some IG's for ya!

The Boy, going away for the Midsummer celebration.

A good and long day.

I and my friend Penny!

I, photographing their gorgeous mosaic in the bathroom.

It's a really cold summer this year.

 Around midnight.

Walking to the beach the next day.

Spending a night with our dear friends.

Soccer was added to the list of sports, for The Boy... Soccer mom, it is!

My friend (to the left) debuted as an author, and we went ahead to celebrate!

Hubs and son came to pick me up from work one day and we took the scenic
ocean route home - which included stops at cute places! A day to keep in my heart.

The last work days seemed to last forever...!

Visiting my hair creator is always a very good thing!!

My husband build that deck, come rain or shine, one might say...

At the wood store - an adorable seagull baby!

Dinner with relatives <3

Going back and forth to my job..............

And then it was all of a sudden time: VACA!!!!!

Dropping The Boy off at his big bro's - and we went to a huge b-day party!

Our dear friends.

Fun and good times and company.

It was a fun party!!

Me and the birthday girl :-)

Getting to bring Mr Fantastic with me home <3

Getting to spend five days together - heaven!!

Lots of rain and cold - but who cares?!!

Invited to BBQ with a childhood friend.

Out just the two of us: me and my son's girlfriend :-)
Very nice go get a chance to talk some alone.

I guess blog posts will not happen on the regular days during my vacation?! It will happen when it happens! I love that and I need it: no musts at all....
Hope you're all well and fine?!

We'll keep up the true summer spirit with being outside, BBQ, socialize and maybe get to chill some....

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