Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday countdown!

Summer, summer, summertime - summertime!
It's here, whether you consider rainy, kinda cold days summer or not. Summertime's here.
We're adapting by building a wooden deck, having guests over, weeding, being out and active and never ever having time for any kind of indoor activities... Such as this blog, for instance!

Way to go hubs - you're getting there...!

 We're trying our very own strawberries for the first time - yummy!

 What say you?!!

 Loving the sunsets.

A story from my childhood
When I was eight, my family moved to the south of our country and we lived not far from where I live now. My paternal grandparents had a summerhouse in these parts and my grandfather's brother also had a summerhouse and a third brother had his home here as well.
Come summer, come good times - back then! Relatives from all over the country would gather in these two summerhouses - especially my grandfather's brother's house - and we would go to the beach, BBQ, have huge family dinners and play and laugh a whole lot.
Us kids had a blast with a very high hanging swing and the adults would talk non-stop, trying to update each other and they would hug and smile so much, greeting each other another year.

This week we were invited to my grandfather's brother's house for dinner, by a relative who stayed there for a week.
Sweet Memory Lane and a magical evening.

 Like in all times: bikes ready to take to the beach!

 My sweet "cousin" Ivo.

 Hubs likes my relatives!!

 What en evening, eh?!

 Looking around the rather derelict house.... I remember every part.

 Brothers having a good time!

 Dinner's ready soon...

Fish and fresh vegetables! 

 I love the surroundings. My grandfather loved them too and called these parts "The Hills".

I was thinking, during dinner, and during wandering just a little, taking pics, that 30 years ago my grandfather, my grandmother, my grandfather's brother and family, my parents and all us kids were here - maybe this very date!
The adults probably sat right here talking about life, love, time and invention (both brothers invented stuff their whole careers) just as we did, sitting here today. Their offspring. They're all gone now.
I thought of them and almost felt their presence.

TWO more workdays and then: vacavacavacavaca!!!!!!!!!

Have the grandest weekend you possibly can <3

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  1. Amazing location for childhood memories. I bet you can't wait for vacation. Neither can I as I will get to follow along on IG!