Thursday, July 5, 2012

De-briefing on Sunday!

Sunday came with preciousness and we spent it with fairly new friends (not from our town but from the city where I work) - still: precious time. My friend and I get along very well, our husbands get along fine and our children get along as I don't know!! They play ever so sweetly and there even might be a little luuuuv going on, there.... ;-)

I love how inside and out communicate well, during summer.

Watching TV, feeling tired. I guess!

Poppy. I love poppy.

In the car, being bored, again...

Yoko Ono-art and we participated.

We went to this sculpture park to celebrate my friend's birthday with a picnic and some fun. It was intense and it was fun. We all had a blast and enjoyed the day, even it the kids are wild.....!

The cutie pies played very well together.

All the surest summer signs are here and I am loving it. Today it's even warm outside, for the first time!
We're getting ready to build a wooden deck and then we can really really enjoy the season.


The Boy was ALL smiles, ALL day <3

Wonderful time.

Birthday cake!

You see how sweet this little couple is?!!

The ooooold folks...!!

If I hadn't taken this, I'd think it was manipulated - the light! Lovely day.

Yay, the hubster was very cheerful!

Showing off his masterpieces from the gym!!

Some art was too weird, the kids thought!

Summer time = love time <3

Trying real hard.

I show 'em how it's done ;-D

Time, moving forward and backward.

A happy kid, what else is needed in this world?

I love cows and they seem to like me.

I would love being a farmer, keeping kettle only for productive purposes like milk!

They seemed to really enjoy the sun.

Going home!

Poppy - love them poppy!!!

It is interesting: since starting to write my novel I remember things, learn new things about me and reevaluate my life, so far. I feel a very special kind of harmony and peace in that. That alone makes the writing journey worth while.
Life sure is a long mystery and adventure.

I wish you a sweet weekend!
Deck time here all weekend!!!

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  1. Looks like a perfect weekend. The little love going on is so cute. I live poppies too, need to Plant some.