Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deck, deck, deck - and a sky scraper!

Vaca-times are here!
I'm enjoying to the fullest, as you may have noticed, since it has been quiet here. Right now, however, I sit in a deckchair on the terrace writing at 8:30 PM. The Blackbird is set on entertaining me big style, with a singing so grand and I have just put a Raspberry pie in the oven, Raspberries we picked ourselves yesterday.

Yesterday my oldest son and his girl were still here. Today they are not. Time is a mystery and as much as I cried when they went back home, as much did I enjoy/love having them here for FIVE days!!!
And: as much will I now enjoy bringing you a first round of photos from the passed, silent, week!

Hubs started building a wooden deck. He has never done anything like it before.
The closes thing (only thing) he ever built was our picket fence...

Well, way to go hubs!

Looking kinda smart too!

Like he really knows what he's doing.

I was excited, to say the least!

Meanwhile summer sort of progressed without anyone really noticing. 
It is cold, it rains it is cloudy and grey.

A great thing about the rain is that the flowers and the lettuce loves it :-)

My vaca got a hectic start! The first day after my last day of work, we went up early, left the dog at dog daycare and were off to a huge birthday party in our old hometown. A car accident held us up (and many with us) for an hour.

In my country people start talking to strangers, only when something out of the ordinary occurs.

Gorgeous weed where I stood...

Puts things harshly into perspective.

The Boy was fortunate enough to spend the night with his big bro!!

I'm a Tolkien fan. This house always reminds me of "Lord of the rings" and I've wanted to photograph it for two years. This passed week I finally got the chance.

I think it's gorgeous.

The young couple had a hard time, keeping up with our hectic pace...

The only sky scraper in the city where I work but it makes a statement!

Such sweeties <3

Fun, being tourist in my work city!!

The wind was incredible.

The bridge over to our closest country...

One might as well think one was in another country.

I'm always all happiness when my firstborn is around <3

Totally regardless of the weather conditions.

I'm already lucky, so this rainbow needn't contribute to that ;-)

My boys. There's nothing that makes my happier or more lucky, in this freakin' universe! I see me in them and I see life. They are happy, smiling, strong, kind and smart. They are the whole world right in reach for me. They are all I need, that is for darn sure.
Five days with the both of them is pure and simple - it's heaven!

I feel content now, that I have had that. More pics to come (kinda) soon...

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