Monday, July 9, 2012

Last work Monday for a while....

It's getting closer: vacation time. Last work week, coming right up!
I must admit it: it's hard being productive when one is tired and longing for the vaca time. I have never ever started my vacation this late, before, and I now feel it is a little too late.... I need a vacation and I have to make it through the upcoming week.

Well well, enough already.
What have we been up to? Those that follow me on instagram know: we've been carrying timber and driving back and forth and digging and .... what not. Come rain (mostly) or shine (not so often).

We're about to become wooden deck-owners! We just have to do some work first.... 

Hubs, digging in the rain.

Seriously digging in the rain!

Impromptu visits, I don't like them all that much. We had one, just when we were heading out to the timber store: my relative (who I absolutely love!) from way up north, came over with his family. They had tried calling me several times but my phone was on no signal at all, so alas...... I was of course thrilled seeing them but we didn't get much time together.

My dear relative on my father's side. I see him rarely but we sure do share some things, in our character. I can't really say what but there is a connection of some sort. Family is special!

Our boys got along so fine together, within a second. 

So much to say, so little time... 
Hopefully we'll get one more chance to get together before they go back!

They brought strawberries, we had cream...!

Trying to get their youngest to pose with us...

I have to accept it: I was dressed for the timber store, not for a get-together...!!!

I enjoyed the time together, oh so much.

Is this weed or "proper" flowers? Anyone here, who knows? Doesn't really matter.... Love the strong color, it sure makes a statement!

The lettuce grows like I just don't know what!!!!!

We're getting roses this year, finally. Lots of them too!

Yes, I'm partial to pink! Do you think it shows?!!

So, like any other year (and as it very well should be) summer is intense. Socializing, gardening, outings - everything has its place this gorgeous season and the balance I talked about this passed autumn is in its bloom now! We're all in and then autumn comes to offer rest.
It's a good pace, it works.
Now we're very busy enjoying, sucking the marrow.

The only sad thing is that Funkie has hurt his leg or paw, he walks with a limp since a week now. I don't know what's wrong. No jogging for him at the moment. I hope it improves with rest.

Time for me to jog now (it's Sunday evening writing this)!

I wish you a wonderful Monday and an equally wonderful week. 

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