Monday, June 4, 2012


I've decided to make some changes, here.
I can't keep up with my own pace here and will start posting twice a week as of now. Three times a week has become a stress factor and that is not what this blog is meant to be. Quite the contrary, actually.

I started this blog to literally save my sanity and life, in an extraordinary time in life, where a huge part of life seamed unbearable. That has changed and I am ever so thankful to this place for helping me see and be in my private wonderful life. This blog, my family and this small coastal town saved my soul, this passed two years.

I am so thankful.

Now another time has come, when I feel very happy and lucky, when I am in a place where gym training, jogging, new friends and even work can claim some time. I've also started writing something special and exciting.
So the blog must move over a bit. I will still give you all of my best photographs and my thoughts and thankfulness, just a little bit more seldom.

Mr and Mrs Blackbird had their babies and this week they kicked them out of the nest. They dwelled in our garden and were really too cute! Unfortunately all my pics of them were blurry...

Yep, The Boy took up soccer. Again.

Saturday was freezing, ice cold and on top of that - it rained!!!

Cuteness in the audience.

Loving his papa!

The Boy was COLD.

Gym time, for me, after soccer practice!

Sunday brought chillful times...

Looks at those cutie pies!

And they sang like ten choices...!

The weekend offered dinner with salad made of our own lettuce. Our first!

I am totally and fully in love with our garden <3

I decided that Monday and Thursday will be good blog days. It's exciting to see how it will work out!
So the first day of the week I will greet the world here and the next to last workday - the charge day - I will feel the butterflies of the upcoming weekend, here. Seems perfect.

In store is a week divided in two parts, since Wednesday is our national day.
Good to have a Wednesday off!

Please enjoy your upcoming week! Our best time is now.


  1. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything. I'm glad blogging is still a good thing. Besides I get to see your lovely photos everyday on instagram! Enjoy your holiday on Wednesday.

  2. Hello, i found you over at Hazel's blog. So happy I did, i've really enjoyed having a good old read of your posts. I appreciate your openness and honesty and your pics of course. I hope you pop on over to my blog, I blog about the creative things I do, my fibro beach house renovation and lots of other bits and pieces I do each day! See you soon.